teenage fashion

Teenage Fashion

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Its seems that every generation has manipulated and set their own personal style. We generally try to sets us apart from the previous generation. However, History does play an important role in today's fashion. Fashion, influences the way the look of most clothing we wear today because people like to dress in the moment. Retro is known as designating the style of an earlier time; clothes similar to the past, the clothes our mothers and grandmothers wore.https://www.pinterest.com/powerpoint_templates/minimalist-and-simple-powerpoint-templates/ I can also say that retro has become one of the main signature styles of this generation because a lot of old articles of clothing are coming back in style. In this century, many tend to take that extra step to stay on top of the fashion industry each season. Fashion is something everybody deals with everyday when we get dress. Every morning when we choose what to wear, we like to pick something that will tell everybody a little something about your unique personality. Endless logos, big designer name and brands are important in today's society. A strong interest in fashion is because it is a way for teenage girls to shape their identities.

Fashion is what's current and what is "in the moment," and it often strikes interest in a large number of people. The clothes we choose to wear tells a lot about ourselves. Fashion is so important to us because it is a way to express yourself to the world. Even if not intentionally, what we wear give others the first impression of you. Fashion has evolve throughout the years along side with society. As our culture and attitude changes, so does fashion and trends. Over the last several years, women have gain a lot of freedom and so did what they were allowed to wear. As women's socioeconomic status went up, the fashion industry wasn't able to dictate what women were permitted to wear. Women now a days can show a lot more skin, women can also wear tighter and more fitting clothes.

I'm going to give credit to this teenage girl who seem to be sucked in today's technology who is wearing summers 2006 fashion trends. Fashion consist of constantly, ever changing trends that are popular at the time. In the picture we see her wearing an army hat, name brand sunglasses indoor, a T-shirt, an oversize belt, boot cut jeans and wedges. She surrounds herself with her pink razor, the apple ipod and a laptop. So what is this teenage girl telling us, what is she letting us know about her, and how do you think she feels today?

In high school, each group was catagorize as either preps, goths, punks, skaters, or jocks. Can we say that this teenage girl is a rebellious child who is trying to separate herself from others. No, not really because she is dressed in the dominant trends. Her styles show us who she is. There are many reasons we wear what we wear. For protection from the cold and rain. A reason Uggs and Timberlands are fashionable. Sometimes you can notice that certain items are being worn not for the right reason. During the summer time I will see girls wear uggs with a short mini-skirt. Another reason would be for physical attraction from the opposite attraction. Many styles are worn to inspire chemistry. Like the teenage girl in the picture, she is wearing a shirt that reads "$$ No Money, No Honey". She is letting it be known

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